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New Service Available Now

1 April 2017 | Marcus Daws | Health tips

We are pleased to announce our newest service on offer here at the Daws Osteo clinic, Tickle-Therapy.

It’s a fantastic tool for tension relief and neural stimulation for chronic conditions that haven’t improved with more traditional treatment methods.

Although not a well known healing art in New Zealand, tickle therapy goes back to Egyptian times where bird feathers were used on the feet or belly (two of the eight prime tickle zones)

The scientific evidence is now mounting showing that controlled dermal stimulation fires the afferent receptors via the dorsal ganglia to promote alpha wave promotion into the limbic system, then via the efferent response through the hippocampus to the motor pathways to firing muscular fasciculation and sympathetic nervous system boost creating a whole array of unknown reactions. Thereby proving it by real sciencey stuff

Darryl has recently returned from his studies in Borneo jungle where he attained his Level 3 master training with the well-known Cootchy-Coo tribe.

For more information on this great new therapy and to book you first appointment, click on the hidden link below the text above on the right side using your left hand.