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The Run Lab

17 July 2019 | Marcus Daws | Injury Prevention, Rehab Training, Running


Downstairs in the Daws Studio we’ve been clocking up some KMs on the treadmill at our Run Lab, so what does that involve?

We see a lot of runners at the clinic, some with a goal of running 100 metres, others who are aiming for 100 miles and the entire range in between but there’s a hitch. If they’re coming to see us as Osteopathic patients it’s probably already too late, they’re in pain and their run training is already suffering. We’re always going on (and on) about injury prevention which is why we’ve created the Run lab clinic where we can breakdown your running goals, current level and ability and work on a game-plan to help you achieve those goals.

Biomechanics screening

The initial phase is to check your posture, movement, alignment, strength, flexibility and your running style. Marcus takes his Osteopathic knowledge, combined with an exercise physiology background and first hand experience as a keen club runner, giving him a unique eye to really understand the finer details of how your body ‘works.’

This is done initially by a standing postural assessment, followed by some specific movement tests, then functional strength tests. Then once we have an overview we’ll get you on the treadmill.

Gait analysis

Running on a treadmill feels a bit strange to most if you’re not used to it, but we know how to get you moving easily. Research has shown that our running style doesn’t vary greatly on a treadmill, so it’s a good way to watch what you do. We need to analyse your posture, running style, landing, take off, cadence and a multitude of other factors to see what’s working and what isn’t working efficiently. There’s not much you can miss when everything is slowed right down, and we can show you what’s happening on screen right in front of you.

Running Drills

Once we’ve spotted some areas to work on we’ve got a few drills to get areas moving better and improve your running technique, these can fit neatly into your training runs or as specific conditioning sessions.

Prehab/Rehab Exercise Plans

Most running injuries are a result of not enough preparation away from hitting the pavement. We all need time working on our strength and flexibility, this increases as we increase are training and racing distance and even more as we get (ahem) older and a touch more fragile! Let us show you how with a tailor-made plan to suit your requirements not a random collection of googled exercises.

Running plans

While we don’t write training plans, (we’ve got great people for that) we can discuss your plans and how to tie in the exercises and sufficient rest to help prevent overuse injuries.

Osteopathic tune-ups

We’re experts in injury recovery but who wants that? Where we really excel is injury prevention and a regular visit to your friendly Osteo can help keep you moving freely, more aligned and help identify any potential injury concerns.

Ok, that’s a lot to take in, but if you’re a runner and want to run injury free while achieving your running goals, you can always give us a call to discuss where you’re at and see what aspects might be beneficial to add to (or remove from) your program. At Daws Osteopathy we love running and will happily chat for hours about racing, training, nutrition or what your favourite running socks are. And when you’ve completed your race, we want to hear all about it and see your shiny new medal!

Some of our trusted and recommended partners…

Running Plans

Kerry and Ali are your super coaches and have a fantastic family of ‘Squaddies’ that are slowly taking over running events across the globe!

Their method is a low cost, all-inclusive fun approach to run training, they are a wealth of knowledge and have a great network of runners who can support you with all areas of your running.


The Hawks are an awesome and friendly running group. They have regular events on the weekends as we as training sessions Tuesday (speedwork) and Thursday (club run).

If you prefer to get off the road the trail runners have a weekly Wednesday run as well as informal catch ups on the weekend with all abilities catered for. Don’t take it too seriously though, everyone is here for fun while they run.

The Wild Things are a great online community of runners. The website also has an extensive database of trails to run all around the country for beginners up to experienced runners out for all-day adventures. Plus a host of benefits and savings for VIP members.

**Members of these clubs get a 10% discount on all of our services**

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