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5 Tips for a Happy and Healthy Working Life

8 August 2016 | Marcus Daws | Uncategorised

‘How’s it going? Ask anyone in the local workforce and you seem to get the same response – BUSY! Business is booming but how is your health holding up to the challenges of managing that work-life balance? Here are a few tips to support you and your body and help you stay fighting fit.

Move it

Your body loves to move. All too often we end up hunched over a keyboard or workstation for far too long. Muscles either tighten up or get chronically over stretched, circulation becomes sluggish and your posture gradually slumps, along with your productivity.

Find different working positions, a sit/stand desk is a great start but try different chairs, maybe even an exercise ball to sit on to help get those muscles working again. And get away from the desk during scheduled breaks for a walk to get some oxygen flowing through the body again.

Drink up

Hydration levels are vital to good health. Think of your body like a sponge, if it’s dry, it becomes brittle, inflexible and liable to damage. If it’s saturated it’s pliable and springs back into shape easily.

We need 1.5 – 2 liters of water a day, liven it up with herbal and fruit teas or squeeze in some lemon for flavor but realize that tea and coffee acts as a diuretic so you’ll need to up the water levels to compensate.

Stretch out

Have you ever seen a pet cat or dog wake from their afternoon nap? What’s the first thing they do? Nothing else happens until they’ve had a good stretch and we need to do the same. A few minutes at the start of the day for a whole body loosen up and a couple of mini stretches focusing on key areas through the day will keep you mobile and prevent wide range of potential injuries, aches & pains.


Get out, have fun and unwind. Stress is a killer and you need solid strategies to deal with it. Schedule time for friends and family and find something that gets your head entirely off the usual pressures of your daily workload.

Plan ahead

You have a plan for your business; make sure there’s one for your health. Think ahead for your meal plans, exercise habits and a time for rest otherwise it will be the first thing to get missed when something else takes your time away.


Marcus is the owner of Daws Osteopathy on Thackeray Street. They offer solutions for a wide range of health complaints and injuries and have the tools needed to keep you and your workers healthy and productive. Give the clinic a call to find out how they can help. 0800 MY OSTEO (696 783)

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