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The benefits of Osteopathy for babies

14 August 2018 | Marcus Daws | Health tips, Mums & Bubs, Osteopathy

When I started working as an osteopath I had just finished my thesis on pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy and promised myself I wouldn’t treat any pregnant women for a long time… But you know what? I missed working on such incredible bodies, so it was only a couple of months in, that I started saying ‘yes’, not ‘to the dress’ but to treating mums and bubs.

I have had incredible results, so I thought I would share some of the highlights and benefits of Osteopathy for this population.

A lot of parents come in because they heard a friend talking about it, or their Doctor or Midwife have referred them to one. Often they are not too sure what to expect, and personally, I found that most of the time they just want to be reassured. They have been shifted from one practitioner to another, so I like to take the time to explain to them what we can do, what they can do and what we will do if we can’t help.

I have outlined below what, as osteopaths, do for babies:

– Help with reflux
– Flat head (if your baby was stuck, or has a preference to turn his/her head to one side).
– Screen for hips issues
– Torticollis
– Bowel movements
– Wind
– Sleep

I have worked on all of the above with babies and toddlers and please note, that we do not claim to ‘fix’ everything, we educate, help reduce the symptoms and refer if necessary. Some conditions need more than one health practitioner and that is fine. I try to surround myself with great practitioners to make sure my patients get the best outcomes. A happy baby, means happy parents, which is the best environment for your baby to grow in.


A mother of a two-year-old came in to see me as her baby had been having sleeping issues since birth. He would be sleeping a max of 3 hours per night and that would be in one hour slot. The parents were exhausted so thought they would give Osteopathy a go. The first appointment was about gaining the trust, because, yes, it is very hard to keep a two-year-old lying down on a table. so, bring the fire truck toys and play on the floor, treat for 2 minutes and repeat! The second appointment he came in just with his mum, so no sister to distract him. Within 3 minutes of treatment, he was asleep on my table. It was such a rewarding experience.

If you have any issues or need more information, please feel free to contact me, or book in online for a consultation and we will show you how we can help.