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23 January 2017 | Marcus Daws | Health Check, Health tips

You can find plenty of information about the negative effects of spending too long staring at your phone or hunching over your laptop and without a doubt, technology has certainly had an impact on the way we live. However, looking to the bright side, there are a multitude of ways to improve health and wellbeing using your pocket computer. Here are some of the favourite apps used by the team at Daws Osteopathy.


This gives you an introduction to mindfulness practice and an easy to follow course of ten minute daily meditations.

“Ten minutes a day is not only an easy commitment to improving health and state of mind, it’s also a very pleasant time away when I can get away from the constant distraction that running the clinic or chasing the kids will always offer. It’s my time!”


By linking you bike on a wind trainer to your computer you can use Zwift to race other cyclists around the world in a variety of terrains.

“It’s a fun an interactive way to make time on my bike trainer much more enjoyable, I don’t notice the time flying by”


Wearable devices are a great way to measure your steps, heart rate and other metrics to monitor your health through the day. Upload to your computer and you can challenge friends, family and workmates to see who is the most active


Social media for athletes. Log all your workouts, check your training log, and compete against friends on your favourite ‘segments, PRs, KOMs’ and the opportunity for some smack-down challenges.

“Great to keep track of training plans but also to check out what my clients and training buddies have been up to”


Great for planning walking routes and see how far I’ve gone

“I also use Spotify for some motivating music while I walk”


Your personal trainer in your pocket. In fact, four apps covering bodyweight exercises, gym, running and nutrition and tailored programmes to match your level and help you hit your goals.

“I find Freeletics a well put together app that is a great motivator when I’m working out”


Suzy and Dominic have achieved absolute health and peak performance so have no use for phone apps! (technophobes)

If you’ve got any other apps that you regularly use, let us know, we’re always keen to learn and try new ways to stay healthy