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Summer Health Check

1 December 2016 | Marcus Daws | Back care, Health Check, Injury Prevention, Osteopathy

You always get your car serviced before it breaks down, offer your body the same courtesy.

Don’t let aches and pains ruin your summer fun, prevention is much better than cure so come and get a health check and learn some tricks for a happy and healthy break this summer.

You’ll get a…
– consult with your Osteopath to discuss any concerns, undiagnosed niggles or areas of tension.
– a full movement assessment
– spinal health and alignment check
– flexibility screening
– Osteo treatment as needed
– A plan to keep you moving well into the new year.

Just $50 for a 30-minute screening. Book in online or call the clinic for more information

So don’t leave it to chance, offer valid until 31st January 2017