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Osteo consults, now online!

29 March 2020 | Marcus Daws | Clinic News, Health Check, Injury Prevention

The clinic may be closed but that doesn’t mean we’re off-duty, it’s time to adapt our service and bring it to you online.

Online consultations are a great alternative when a face-to-face consultation is not an option anymore and your Daws Osteo team are now set up and available to help you during this lockdown (and beyond).

So how does Osteo online work?

  • As usual, our consult starts with addressing your injury, any progress and/or general health concerns.
  • Injury assessment – with a video call we can still assess your movement and any limitations that may present.
  • Injury management tips – do you ice or heat? Stretch or strengthen? Rest or move?
  • If an exercise or stretching plan is called for, we’ll put your plan together and send you a link to your plan. You can access this online or on a personalised app, with videos and descriptions to make sure you know how to do the exercises correctly.
  • Any other recommendations for diet, supplements, lifestyle tips to speed up your healing response.

This will be offered as a free service for the first week and is only for our existing patients initially. We will look to expand that soon.

Book online in the usual way or give us a call. We’ll send you a booking confirmation with a link to join the video call, no need to download any software, you just need an up-to-date browser on your computer, tablet or phone.

We’re all in unusual times at present but we see this as an opportunity to adapt and improve our service to our valued patients and also, our GPs and Emergency services are currently stretched to their limits so if we can reduce their load by looking after your injuries, then we’re doing our bit to help.

Jump online to find a time to suit and we’ll see you onscreen soon.