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Avoid the Osteo after the long weekend!

18 October 2018 | Marcus Daws | Back care, Health Check, Health tips, Injury Prevention


Summer is well and truly on the way. The Labour day long weekend is a traditional welcome to the better weather and a time that many of us like to get out into the garden, plant our tomatoes and cull the overgrowth of weeds that has taken over in the past few months. Or maybe you have a reno project, re-staining the deck, or fence. Whatever it is, make sure you aren’t suffering by the end of the weekend.

We see it every year, next week the phones will be ringing off the hook! Nowadays, many of us have fairly sedentary lives, plenty of long hours at the desk, sitting in meetings or doing the same repetitive work. Maybe you’re pretty fit and get to the gym for an hour 3-4 times per week? But then you head into the garden, start digging, lifting, crouching over and working hard for 8 hours+ trying to get all the jobs off the list. Then you wonder why you can’t stand up straight the next day!

Generally, we’re not well conditioned to working for as long as that but we get focused on the task at hand and carry on ignoring the warning signs but don’t think we’re not up to it, here are a few common sense tips to get you through the long weekend without the emergency call to you friendly Osteopath next week to ‘put you back together!’

Start right

Have a good breakfast and take time to wake up properly, don’t just jump up and go for it! Begin with a loosening up, gentle stretching and movement or take a stroll around the block first to get the muscles ready and the joints limbered up.

Take breaks

Give the muscles a chance to catch-up and recover as you go. This includes changing up what you’re doing, if you’ve been crouching down weeding for a while, get up and start pushing the mower around.

Drink up

Make sure you drink plenty of water through the day as you’ll be losing a lot more fluid than you realise and dehydration will make your chances of injury significantly higher. And continue rehydrating at the end of the day (not just the brown fizzy stuff).

Stretch it out

Finish with a good ten minutes of stretching, work top to tow and make sure you get your back moving in all directions. If you want any tips on good stretching practice the come and have a chat with any of us at the clinic for some of our top tips.

If you are in trouble (as sometimes the best-laid plans don’t always work) we’ll be back as usual from Tuesday morning ready for any emergency calls. Or get in quick by booking online.

Have a great long weekend, whatever your plans and stay safe.