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Lockdown planning

24 March 2020 | Marcus Daws | Health tips, Injury Prevention, Osteopathy

So today New Zealand enters a new state of emergency that is uncharted territory for us all.

We’ve got four weeks to lockdown and deal to this terrible virus that is wreaking such havoc through the world. So how is your next month going to look? A month of overindulgence and binge-watching Netflix may sound appealing to some but the resulting effect on your health when we’re back to our normal routines may take a long time to bounce back.

So let’s plan this out! What are the priorities for your physical and mental wellbeing? You should certainly be able to enjoy your extended Netflix time but put this as the reward for achieving some set tasks each day.

What does your plan look like?

  • Exercise – a daily routine will not only help you feel better with a fresh dose of endorphins, but it will also get your circulation flowing, boosting lymph flow and supporting a healthy immune system. There are so many great options online for home exercise plans. They may focus on cardiovascular fitness, strength or flexibility, so have a think about your top priority and find a reliable source to help you.
  • Diet – now is more important than ever to stick to a healthy and nutritious meal plan. Make it varied and interesting. Plenty of leafy greens, fruits and veggies. keep it simple but enjoyable.
  • Get outside – even if it’s just around your garden, get some air on your lungs and some sun on your skin. Spending too much time couped up inside will bring your energy.
  • Stop – meditation, mindfulness, prayer, reflection, contemplation. Call it what you will but take a moment to be still with your thoughts. Focus on your breath or just stare at a beautiful view. Try to find a moment of calm in a crazy world
  • Mind – keep the brain engaged. Here’s a great opportunity to catch up on the latest novel from your favourite author, learn a new skill, take an online course. We live in the information age, what info do you want to consume?
  • Family – while living in close quarters it’s time to connect with our loved ones and work on relationships. But who do you know who is on their own, reach out online and keep in touch, we all need support at this time

We’ve got a fantastic opportunity here, so cast your mind forward… The alert level has dropped back down, we’re all getting back to our ‘normal’ routines. What did your lockdown look like? Are you feeling healthy and refreshed, have you got some of those jobs around the house or garden done? What new skills or knowledge to you have that you can take forward beyond this time?

It’s time to achieve, to thrive and to smash out this special time.

Kia Kaha