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How to start running: a beginners guide

5 December 2019 | Deigna Khamal | Health tips, Injury Prevention, Osteopathy, Running


At first, the thought of running might sound dreadful, however believe it or not, running can quickly become an enjoyable life-long hobby. Below are few tips and tricks to begin your running journey.

1.First off, you must invest in some quality running shoes. Do you not attempt to start running in your flat canvas shoes. The best way to choose the correct shoes is to go to a specialist sports shoe store. This is because they can do a gait analysis and fit you out into shoes that will work for you.

2. Perhaps try to find a running buddy who will help keep you motivated and accountable. There are many benefits of having a running buddy such as; safety whilst running, improved performance and consistency in training. Another option would be to find a running group, this way you may have experts to help make your transition into running a smooth process.

3. Ensure that your goals are realistic, for example, a goal for a new runner could be to just get moving! depending on your fitness level, this may at first involve alternating between walking and running.

4. Following on from the above tip, an essential tip for a new runner would be to have a training program to follow. You could get one made by a professional trainer or an expert runner. Another option would be to buy an online running guide for beginners. Some recommendations for beginner running guides include;

  • Run coach:
  • Runners World: (Free)
  • Squad run:
  • Keep it cleaner: (includes strength training guides and cross training)

5. Being strong can also help you when beginning your running journey, as it can help you stay injury free. Try doing some yoga and Pilates which will help you to build a strong core and stay supple. Another way you could build strength is by incorporating some resistant training which can be done at the gym, or at home. Like running programs, you could get a strength program made by a personal trainer, or you could buy a strength training guide. There is a lot of strength training programs available out there, and many come in the form of apps. Here are a few recommendations;

  • Sweat: (includes beginner and advanced yoga, strength training and cardio workouts)
  • The Body Coach: (free workouts are available on youtube)
  • Toe and sculpt:
  • Nike plus training app: (includes a large variety of free workouts specific to runners and is for all fitness levels).

For more information on starting running, look at this very helpful article by Runners World: