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How To Get A Better Nights Sleep

10 January 2020 | Deigna Khamal | Uncategorised


Sleep is very important aspect of health, however, many of us struggle to get a restful nights sleep, or even enough sleep for that matter. Did you know that the average adult needs at least 7 hours sleep in order to go through all four sleep stages of Non-Rem (NREM) and Rem (REM)…… So how can you get a better nights sleep? here are some tips below.

First off, establish a sleeping schedule and night time routine. Thus meaning that you should try to go to sleep and wake up at the same time everyday (yes even on the weekends). This is essentially creating a ‘body clock’. In order to do this, it is crucial to have a night time routine which prepares you for sleep.For example, stay off of your phone 2 hours before bed and read a book or do some light stretching instead.

Another tip would be to have a quality and comfortable mattress/pillows. This could make a big difference to your sleep quality.For example, if you find that you have back pain at night, it may be worth investing in a firmer mattress, rather than a mattress that is on the softer side.

Minimise/eliminate light and noise. Try to reduce your exposure to noises such as traffic, snoring, and gadgets. A good way to reduce the noise from your room is to wear ear plugs or add ‘white noise’ such as fans or by playing a ‘white noise’ playlist. These usually consist of sounds such as rainfall or wind.

Adjust the temperature in the room, the ideal temperature for sleeping is between 15-22 degrees Celsius. The best way to control the temperature in the room would be through an air conditioner, or if you aren’t blessed with this sort of a system, a good fan will help!

Try supplements that could help you sleep such as Chamomile tea or sleep drops. Chamomile tea is known to help people fall asleep faster due to the mild tranquilizer ‘apigenin’ that is an ingredient in the tea. Sleep drops may also be great for improving sleep quality as they are known to contain ingredients that reduce stress, and we all know that stress can keep us up at night.

For more information about why sleep is important for us, check out this link:

Disclaimer: These are only tips, if your quality of sleep is not improving then please seek professional help from a medical practitioner.