Covid-19 Protection Framework - Orange

2 December 2021 | Marcus Daws | Uncategorised

During this time at the Orange level of the Covid-19 Protection Framework, we are taking every precaution possible to ensure the safety of our patients' health and ask that you follow a few simple steps. - If you unwell, please stay home. Give us a call and we will happily rearrange your appointment for as soon as you are recovered. - If you have been to a location of interest or have had close contact with a known case, please delay treatment until you have received a negative test. At your...


Christmas Opening Hours

8 December 2016 | Marcus Daws | Uncategorised

Christmas is here and lots of people are closing up and heading away, however for those who are staying in town, injuries don't always come at the most convenient time The clinic with open through Christmas and New Year with the exception of the statutory holidays. Closed: 24th - 27th December Open: 28th - 30th December - 9am to 5pm Closed: 31st December - 3rd January Open: 4th January, normal hours If you are in trouble outside of these hours, you can leave a message at 0800 MY OSTEO and we'll check...


Repetitive Strain Injury

3 July 2016 | Marcus Daws | Uncategorised

Several of our patients are being treated for repetitive strain injury – most frequently “tennis elbow and Achilles tendonitis – and others frequently question us about what lies behind “RSI”.  This article aims to provide some basic answers to these queries. What is it? Repetitive Stain Injury (RSI) is an ‘umbrella diagnosis’ that accounts for a wide range of musculoskeletal pain disorders as a result of overuse of the body. This is most often experienced in the upper limb due to...


Welcome to the Daws Osteopathy Blog

5 May 2016 | Marcus Daws | Uncategorised

Check in here for up to date info on the clinic, latest research in the health industry and a few top tips to help you live life to your potential. And to make sure you stay up to date, fill in the newsletter sign up box at the bottom of the page. Yours in good health Welcome to our blog | Daws Osteopathy Check in here for up to date info on the clinic, latest research in the health industry and a few top tips to help you live life to your potential.


Home workout - strength and stretch

11 April 2020 | Marcus Daws | Uncategorised

If you're feeling stuck for a few exercises to keep mobile during the lockdown, here is a routine with a dozen exercises to target the whole body. Whole body routine Don't overdo it, if anything feels sore then back off and rest. If you want a specific plan for your needs then get in touch and we'll upload you program into a personalised app to help you keep fit and active.


Get Ready for Round the Bridges

30 October 2016 | Marcus Daws | Uncategorised

Round the Bridges is an iconic Hamilton event and a great challenge for many families, friends, businesses and organisations. Don't let injury ruin your day, make sure your body is in tip-top shape. At Daws Osteopathy we have the team to help you achieve you race day goals. In the lead up, we have Osteopathic treatment to help with any niggles or to ensure your body is primed and ready for the day. And you can get your sports massage to reduce any muscle tension that's built up through your training. We...


“Back to Basics” on Lifting and Carrying Loads

8 June 2016 | Marcus Daws | Uncategorised

Whenever you need to lift or carry a load of any consequence, it is always useful to plan rather than charge head-down as too may of us do. Planning the Route With respect to the process of getting a heavy item from point A to B, consider the following: Start with the destination: do you know where it is? Is it safe to unload? Is there an obvious, clear space where to unload? Can you unload “ergonomically” (see below)? Check the route travelled: is the route clear, wide enough and free from...


How To Get A Better Nights Sleep

10 January 2020 | Marcus Daws | Uncategorised

  Sleep is very important aspect of health, however, many of us struggle to get a restful nights sleep, or even enough sleep for that matter. Did you know that the average adult needs at least 7 hours sleep in order to go through all four sleep stages of Non-Rem (NREM) and Rem (REM)...... So how can you get a better nights sleep? here are some tips below. First off, establish a sleeping schedule and night time routine. Thus meaning that you should try to go to sleep and wake up at the same time...


5 Tips for a Happy and Healthy Working Life

8 August 2016 | Marcus Daws | Uncategorised

‘How’s it going? Ask anyone in the local workforce and you seem to get the same response - BUSY! Business is booming but how is your health holding up to the challenges of managing that work-life balance? Here are a few tips to support you and your body and help you stay fighting fit. Move it Your body loves to move. All too often we end up hunched over a keyboard or workstation for far too long. Muscles either tighten up or get chronically over stretched, circulation becomes sluggish and your...


The Different Styles of Osteopathy

8 May 2016 | Marcus Daws | Uncategorised

When you book to see an osteopath, do you know what to expect? Although much of modern osteopathic training is based on an increasingly standardised research-based approach to clinical evaluation and treatment, the way an osteopath approaches your condition in practice may still vary. When you present to your osteopath, the initial consultation is an information gathering session. We are looking at your posture, how you move, and your description of the condition in order to build a picture in our minds...