How to start running: a beginners guide

5 December 2019 | Marcus Daws | Health tips, Injury Prevention, Osteopathy, Running

  At first, the thought of running might sound dreadful, however believe it or not, running can quickly become an enjoyable life-long hobby. Below are few tips and tricks to begin your running journey. 1.First off, you must invest in some quality running shoes. Do you not attempt to start running in your flat canvas shoes. The best way to choose the correct shoes is to go to a specialist sports shoe store. This is because they can do a gait analysis and fit you out into shoes that will work for...


A Marathon Day.

12 March 2019 | Marcus Daws | Clinic News, Massage, Running

Congratulations to everyone who competed in the Kirikiriroa marathon and the Pukete Spaghetti endurance mountain bike race on the weekend. It was great to see you all there, giving it your all and we hope that we eased a few aches post-race. See you again next year!!!


The Run Lab

17 July 2019 | Marcus Daws | Injury Prevention, Rehab Training, Running

  Downstairs in the Daws Studio we’ve been clocking up some KMs on the treadmill at our Run Lab, so what does that involve? We see a lot of runners at the clinic, some with a goal of running 100 metres, others who are aiming for 100 miles and the entire range in between but there’s a hitch. If they’re coming to see us as Osteopathic patients it’s probably already too late, they’re in pain and their run training is already suffering. We’re always going on (and on) about injury prevention...


Stepping up to the Ultra

1 June 2019 | Marcus Daws | Running

Here at the DO clinic, we see a lot of runners, from those who are just getting into their first few steps and looking for that first race or event, right up to well-established ultrarunning stars who compete around the world. Personally, I've been a runner for many years and draw on this experience to help my patients, however, having completed plenty of marathons, I had never 'gone-long.' It was time to step it up a notch and see what the ultradistance was like up close. This is my race report. In...