Osteopathy at Level 3

20 October 2021 | Marcus Daws | Clinic News, Osteopathy

  We have been given permission as an essential service, to see patients through the level 3 phase of the COVID response, however, it should be noted that this is only in acute cases, not for general maintenance treatment that may be able to be postponed to level 2. Our ongoing approach during this phase will be via an initial phone or online video call, these have been working well for our patients during this time. If you want to learn more about our telehealth service then see our related blog...


Lockdown planning

24 March 2020 | Marcus Daws | Health tips, Injury Prevention, Osteopathy

So today New Zealand enters a new state of emergency that is uncharted territory for us all. We've got four weeks to lockdown and deal to this terrible virus that is wreaking such havoc through the world. So how is your next month going to look? A month of overindulgence and binge-watching Netflix may sound appealing to some but the resulting effect on your health when we're back to our normal routines may take a long time to bounce back. So let's plan this out! What are the priorities for your physical...


5 ways to reduce neck and back pain at work

8 November 2019 | Marcus Daws | Back care, Health Check, Health tips, Injury Prevention, Osteopathy

  Neck and back pain is a common issue that affects many people at work. There are ways that we can reduce neck and back pain while at work, and here are five of them. 1: Stand up often Sitting for prolonged periods of time is known to flare up neck and back pain. This is because it weakens the muscles in your back, making it hard to maintain good posture. To avoid this problem in the future, make sure to stand up every hour and move around. This could be as simple as going to get a drink of water,...


Stay on top of your health during the winter months.

5 June 2017 | Marcus Daws | Back care, Health tips, Osteopathy

Winter is a beautiful time of the year, crisp frosty mornings and warm evenings in front of the fire. Not to mention the snow sports kicking into life now, skiing, snowboarding or just building a snowman with the kids. It also has that other side; colds, coughs, flu and generally feeling stiff and achy for some. We want our patients to enjoy the finer side of the winter months, so here are a few tips to keep you fighting fit and away from the dreaded lurgy!   Increase your sleep Our natural...


Stay Healthy this Winter

2 April 2016 | Marcus Daws | Health tips, Injury Prevention, Osteopathy

  As the clocks go back, how do you keep your health moving forward? It’s the end of daylight savings which seems to have come around at record speed (again). After a fairly hit and miss summer the changing seasons bring with the usual array of health challenges to overcome but with a good plan in place you can the cooler climate and stay healthy throughout. Here are our top five tips 1 - Eat clean Avoid undue stress on the body by avoiding bad food choices. The best way is to keep it simple....


We're on the hunt for someone great to join the team

10 June 2021 | Marcus Daws | Clinic News, Osteopathy

Work:life balance is just one of the things you’ll love about this role. Calling all osteopaths who like a varied work day, professional opportunities, and a life outside work! Daws Osteopathy is growing, and we need an osteopath who’s ready to step straight into a busy and varied patient list. We see a wide range of patients, including athletes and sports enthusiasts, mums and babies, and corporate and trade-based workers, along with more complex systemic health issues. Our central Hamilton clinic...


How to start running: a beginners guide

5 December 2019 | Marcus Daws | Health tips, Injury Prevention, Osteopathy, Running

  At first, the thought of running might sound dreadful, however believe it or not, running can quickly become an enjoyable life-long hobby. Below are few tips and tricks to begin your running journey. 1.First off, you must invest in some quality running shoes. Do you not attempt to start running in your flat canvas shoes. The best way to choose the correct shoes is to go to a specialist sports shoe store. This is because they can do a gait analysis and fit you out into shoes that will work for...


The benefits of Osteopathy for babies

14 August 2018 | Marcus Daws | Health tips, Mums & Bubs, Osteopathy

When I started working as an osteopath I had just finished my thesis on pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy and promised myself I wouldn't treat any pregnant women for a long time... But you know what? I missed working on such incredible bodies, so it was only a couple of months in, that I started saying 'yes', not 'to the dress' but to treating mums and bubs. I have had incredible results, so I thought I would share some of the highlights and benefits of Osteopathy for this population. A lot of parents...


Summer Health Check

1 December 2016 | Marcus Daws | Back care, Health Check, Injury Prevention, Osteopathy

You always get your car serviced before it breaks down, offer your body the same courtesy. Don't let aches and pains ruin your summer fun, prevention is much better than cure so come and get a health check and learn some tricks for a happy and healthy break this summer. You'll get a... - consult with your Osteopath to discuss any concerns, undiagnosed niggles or areas of tension. - a full movement assessment - spinal health and alignment check - flexibility screening - Osteo treatment as needed - A plan...


Rototuna Clinic, reopening early 2021

1 December 2020 | Marcus Daws | Clinic News, Massage, Osteopathy

Plans are well on the way with the new clinic and we're all set for a grand opening early in the new year. The clinic is in a fantastic new Rototuna location in the Borman Village with plenty of parking and Archie's cafe ready to make you a cuppa after your Osteopathy or Massage appointment. We'll also be handy next to a GP, radiology centre and pharmacy, offering you a one-stop-shop for your healthcare needs. We appreciate your patience as we get it all ready to go. It'll be worth the wait! Marcus, Matt...


Stay healthy while exercising

15 November 2019 | Marcus Daws | Health Check, Health tips, Injury Prevention, Osteopathy

As the weather is becoming warmer, it is the time of the year that people begin to head outside and exercise. This is great because regular exercise is important for our health and well-being. However, sometimes exercise can do us more harm than good if we are not careful about what and how much exercise we are doing. Below are some simple tips that will help you stay healthy and injury free while exercising this summer. First and foremost,ensure that you are warming up properly. It is never a good idea...


Daws Osteopathy - Rototuna

21 November 2017 | Marcus Daws | Clinic News, Osteopathy

We are very very pleased to announce that Daws Osteopathy is now open in North Hamilton. We are working alongside Feet Forward Podiatry and are now taking bookings from next Monday. You can find us at 34 Thomas Road Our Thackeray street clinic is business-as-usual, offering Osteopathy, Massage, Pilates, with the Daws Studio offering Rehab training and Running assessments. We are bringing the Osteo side of things to Rototuna from Monday to Saturday. Feet Forward Podiatry has been operating here for one...


Pilates at Daws Osteopathy

6 November 2016 | Marcus Daws | Back care, Injury Prevention, Osteopathy, Pilates

We are very happy to introduce one-to-one Pilates sessions to our list of services at Daws Osteopathy. Each session is run alongside your Osteopathic treatment offering a unique personally tailored treatment. Pilates has many positive effects on the body such as: - Improved concentration and mindfulness, - Increased breathing capacity, - Alignment and posture correction, - Balance and core control, - Coordination, - Reduce tension and stress, - Alleviate low-back pain, - Improve strength and...