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Covid-19 Protection Framework – Red

23 January 2022 | Marcus Daws | Clinic News

As the whole of NZ moves in the red light setting of the protection framework, we need to address what this means for the clinic and how we are able to operate. In short very little will change, we are still able to offer our service in the same way as at the Orange setting. Please complete your Covid screening questionnaire before your appointment, this will be emailed to you one day prior. If you are unwell or have recently been to any locations of interest, then please call to postpone your...


We're on the hunt for someone great to join the team

10 June 2021 | Marcus Daws | Clinic News, Osteopathy

Work:life balance is just one of the things you’ll love about this role. Calling all osteopaths who like a varied work day, professional opportunities, and a life outside work! Daws Osteopathy is growing, and we need an osteopath who’s ready to step straight into a busy and varied patient list. We see a wide range of patients, including athletes and sports enthusiasts, mums and babies, and corporate and trade-based workers, along with more complex systemic health issues. Our central Hamilton clinic...


Home workout - strength and stretch

11 April 2020 | Marcus Daws | Uncategorised

If you're feeling stuck for a few exercises to keep mobile during the lockdown, here is a routine with a dozen exercises to target the whole body. Whole body routine Don't overdo it, if anything feels sore then back off and rest. If you want a specific plan for your needs then get in touch and we'll upload you program into a personalised app to help you keep fit and active.


How To Get A Better Nights Sleep

10 January 2020 | Marcus Daws | Uncategorised

  Sleep is very important aspect of health, however, many of us struggle to get a restful nights sleep, or even enough sleep for that matter. Did you know that the average adult needs at least 7 hours sleep in order to go through all four sleep stages of Non-Rem (NREM) and Rem (REM)...... So how can you get a better nights sleep? here are some tips below. First off, establish a sleeping schedule and night time routine. Thus meaning that you should try to go to sleep and wake up at the same time...


5 ways to reduce neck and back pain at work

8 November 2019 | Marcus Daws | Back care, Health Check, Health tips, Injury Prevention, Osteopathy

  Neck and back pain is a common issue that affects many people at work. There are ways that we can reduce neck and back pain while at work, and here are five of them. 1: Stand up often Sitting for prolonged periods of time is known to flare up neck and back pain. This is because it weakens the muscles in your back, making it hard to maintain good posture. To avoid this problem in the future, make sure to stand up every hour and move around. This could be as simple as going to get a drink of water,...


A Marathon Day.

12 March 2019 | Marcus Daws | Clinic News, Massage, Running

Congratulations to everyone who competed in the Kirikiriroa marathon and the Pukete Spaghetti endurance mountain bike race on the weekend. It was great to see you all there, giving it your all and we hope that we eased a few aches post-race. See you again next year!!!


Daws Osteopathy - Rototuna

21 November 2017 | Marcus Daws | Clinic News, Osteopathy

We are very very pleased to announce that Daws Osteopathy is now open in North Hamilton. We are working alongside Feet Forward Podiatry and are now taking bookings from next Monday. You can find us at 34 Thomas Road Our Thackeray street clinic is business-as-usual, offering Osteopathy, Massage, Pilates, with the Daws Studio offering Rehab training and Running assessments. We are bringing the Osteo side of things to Rototuna from Monday to Saturday. Feet Forward Podiatry has been operating here for one...


Stay on top of your health during the winter months.

5 June 2017 | Marcus Daws | Back care, Health tips, Osteopathy

Winter is a beautiful time of the year, crisp frosty mornings and warm evenings in front of the fire. Not to mention the snow sports kicking into life now, skiing, snowboarding or just building a snowman with the kids. It also has that other side; colds, coughs, flu and generally feeling stiff and achy for some. We want our patients to enjoy the finer side of the winter months, so here are a few tips to keep you fighting fit and away from the dreaded lurgy!   Increase your sleep Our natural...


New Service Available Now

1 April 2017 | Marcus Daws | Health tips

We are pleased to announce our newest service on offer here at the Daws Osteo clinic, Tickle-Therapy. It’s a fantastic tool for tension relief and neural stimulation for chronic conditions that haven’t improved with more traditional treatment methods. Although not a well known healing art in New Zealand, tickle therapy goes back to Egyptian times where bird feathers were used on the feet or belly (two of the eight prime tickle zones) The scientific evidence is now mounting showing that controlled...



23 January 2017 | Marcus Daws | Health Check, Health tips

You can find plenty of information about the negative effects of spending too long staring at your phone or hunching over your laptop and without a doubt, technology has certainly had an impact on the way we live. However, looking to the bright side, there are a multitude of ways to improve health and wellbeing using your pocket computer. Here are some of the favourite apps used by the team at Daws Osteopathy. Marcus – Headspace. This gives you an introduction to mindfulness practice and an easy to...


Pilates at Daws Osteopathy

6 November 2016 | Marcus Daws | Back care, Injury Prevention, Osteopathy, Pilates

We are very happy to introduce one-to-one Pilates sessions to our list of services at Daws Osteopathy. Each session is run alongside your Osteopathic treatment offering a unique personally tailored treatment. Pilates has many positive effects on the body such as: - Improved concentration and mindfulness, - Increased breathing capacity, - Alignment and posture correction, - Balance and core control, - Coordination, - Reduce tension and stress, - Alleviate low-back pain, - Improve strength and...


Repetitive Strain Injury

3 July 2016 | Marcus Daws | Uncategorised

Several of our patients are being treated for repetitive strain injury – most frequently “tennis elbow and Achilles tendonitis – and others frequently question us about what lies behind “RSI”.  This article aims to provide some basic answers to these queries. What is it? Repetitive Stain Injury (RSI) is an ‘umbrella diagnosis’ that accounts for a wide range of musculoskeletal pain disorders as a result of overuse of the body. This is most often experienced in the upper limb due to...


Welcome to the Daws Osteopathy Blog

5 May 2016 | Marcus Daws | Uncategorised

Check in here for up to date info on the clinic, latest research in the health industry and a few top tips to help you live life to your potential. And to make sure you stay up to date, fill in the newsletter sign up box at the bottom of the page. Yours in good health Welcome to our blog | Daws Osteopathy Check in here for up to date info on the clinic, latest research in the health industry and a few top tips to help you live life to your potential.


Covid-19 Protection Framework - Orange

2 December 2021 | Marcus Daws | Uncategorised

During this time at the Orange level of the Covid-19 Protection Framework, we are taking every precaution possible to ensure the safety of our patients' health and ask that you follow a few simple steps. - If you unwell, please stay home. Give us a call and we will happily rearrange your appointment for as soon as you are recovered. - If you have been to a location of interest or have had close contact with a known case, please delay treatment until you have received a negative test. At your...


Rototuna Clinic, reopening early 2021

1 December 2020 | Marcus Daws | Clinic News, Massage, Osteopathy

Plans are well on the way with the new clinic and we're all set for a grand opening early in the new year. The clinic is in a fantastic new Rototuna location in the Borman Village with plenty of parking and Archie's cafe ready to make you a cuppa after your Osteopathy or Massage appointment. We'll also be handy next to a GP, radiology centre and pharmacy, offering you a one-stop-shop for your healthcare needs. We appreciate your patience as we get it all ready to go. It'll be worth the wait! Marcus, Matt...


Osteo consults, now online!

29 March 2020 | Marcus Daws | Clinic News, Health Check, Injury Prevention

The clinic may be closed but that doesn’t mean we’re off-duty, it’s time to adapt our service and bring it to you online. Online consultations are a great alternative when a face-to-face consultation is not an option anymore and your Daws Osteo team are now set up and available to help you during this lockdown (and beyond). So how does Osteo online work? As usual, our consult starts with addressing your injury, any progress and/or general health concerns. Injury assessment – with a video call we...


How to start running: a beginners guide

5 December 2019 | Marcus Daws | Health tips, Injury Prevention, Osteopathy, Running

  At first, the thought of running might sound dreadful, however believe it or not, running can quickly become an enjoyable life-long hobby. Below are few tips and tricks to begin your running journey. 1.First off, you must invest in some quality running shoes. Do you not attempt to start running in your flat canvas shoes. The best way to choose the correct shoes is to go to a specialist sports shoe store. This is because they can do a gait analysis and fit you out into shoes that will work for...


The Run Lab

17 July 2019 | Marcus Daws | Injury Prevention, Rehab Training, Running

  Downstairs in the Daws Studio we’ve been clocking up some KMs on the treadmill at our Run Lab, so what does that involve? We see a lot of runners at the clinic, some with a goal of running 100 metres, others who are aiming for 100 miles and the entire range in between but there’s a hitch. If they’re coming to see us as Osteopathic patients it’s probably already too late, they’re in pain and their run training is already suffering. We’re always going on (and on) about injury prevention...


Avoid the Osteo after the long weekend!

18 October 2018 | Marcus Daws | Back care, Health Check, Health tips, Injury Prevention

  Summer is well and truly on the way. The Labour day long weekend is a traditional welcome to the better weather and a time that many of us like to get out into the garden, plant our tomatoes and cull the overgrowth of weeds that has taken over in the past few months. Or maybe you have a reno project, re-staining the deck, or fence. Whatever it is, make sure you aren’t suffering by the end of the weekend. We see it every year, next week the phones will be ringing off the hook! Nowadays, many of...


Rehab Training

14 August 2017 | Marcus Daws | Back care, Clinic News, Injury Prevention, Rehab Training

  Here at the clinic, we've launched the Daws Studio! It's a great space where we can help our patients return effectively from injury and get back to full strength, doing the sports and activities they love. It's an aspect of a full rehabilitation program which too often gets glossed over. In the past where it was identified that a patient needs to improve strength and mobility, they were given a few exercises scribbled on a piece of paper and sent on their way... you know what happens next!...


We're Hiring

9 May 2017 | Marcus Daws | Clinic News

Daws Osteopathy needs a superstar to join the team. Trade Me Job listing here Health Centre Receptionist/Office Administration Part Time - Job Share Do you enjoy having variety in your day?Would you like to be part of our friendly and professional healthcare team, sharing a reception/administration role? You'll have a friendly positive attitude and be a pro-active team player with excellent customer service. You'll create a warm and welcoming environment for our patients. To be successful in this...


The Benefits of Massage

13 March 2017 | Marcus Daws | Health tips, Massage

  Massage should be a necessary piece of your health and wellness plan. Massage is the systemized manipulation of soft tissue for the purpose of keeping the body in a state of normality. The basic goal of massage therapy is to help the body heal itself and to increase health and wellbeing. Massage improves circulation which increases blood flow bringing fresh oxygen to body tissues. This can assist the elimination of waste products, speed healing after injury and enhance recovery from...


Christmas Opening Hours

8 December 2016 | Marcus Daws | Uncategorised

Christmas is here and lots of people are closing up and heading away, however for those who are staying in town, injuries don't always come at the most convenient time The clinic with open through Christmas and New Year with the exception of the statutory holidays. Closed: 24th - 27th December Open: 28th - 30th December - 9am to 5pm Closed: 31st December - 3rd January Open: 4th January, normal hours If you are in trouble outside of these hours, you can leave a message at 0800 MY OSTEO and we'll check...


Get Ready for Round the Bridges

30 October 2016 | Marcus Daws | Uncategorised

Round the Bridges is an iconic Hamilton event and a great challenge for many families, friends, businesses and organisations. Don't let injury ruin your day, make sure your body is in tip-top shape. At Daws Osteopathy we have the team to help you achieve you race day goals. In the lead up, we have Osteopathic treatment to help with any niggles or to ensure your body is primed and ready for the day. And you can get your sports massage to reduce any muscle tension that's built up through your training. We...


“Back to Basics” on Lifting and Carrying Loads

8 June 2016 | Marcus Daws | Uncategorised

Whenever you need to lift or carry a load of any consequence, it is always useful to plan rather than charge head-down as too may of us do. Planning the Route With respect to the process of getting a heavy item from point A to B, consider the following: Start with the destination: do you know where it is? Is it safe to unload? Is there an obvious, clear space where to unload? Can you unload “ergonomically” (see below)? Check the route travelled: is the route clear, wide enough and free from...


Stay Healthy this Winter

2 April 2016 | Marcus Daws | Health tips, Injury Prevention, Osteopathy

  As the clocks go back, how do you keep your health moving forward? It’s the end of daylight savings which seems to have come around at record speed (again). After a fairly hit and miss summer the changing seasons bring with the usual array of health challenges to overcome but with a good plan in place you can the cooler climate and stay healthy throughout. Here are our top five tips 1 - Eat clean Avoid undue stress on the body by avoiding bad food choices. The best way is to keep it simple....


Osteopathy at Level 3

20 October 2021 | Marcus Daws | Clinic News, Osteopathy

  We have been given permission as an essential service, to see patients through the level 3 phase of the COVID response, however, it should be noted that this is only in acute cases, not for general maintenance treatment that may be able to be postponed to level 2. Our ongoing approach during this phase will be via an initial phone or online video call, these have been working well for our patients during this time. If you want to learn more about our telehealth service then see our related blog...


Level 2 update

8 May 2020 | Marcus Daws | Clinic News

With the recent government announcement regarding how level 2 will work. We're pleased to let you know that we'll be able to open for face-to-face appointments again at this time. There will be a slightly different look and feel to the place as we take measures to ensure everyone's safety but you can expect the usual great service from the team. We will be taking all measures to ensure patient and practitioner health. The clinic has received a deep clean and sterilisation process. Ongoing use of Zoono...


Lockdown planning

24 March 2020 | Marcus Daws | Health tips, Injury Prevention, Osteopathy

So today New Zealand enters a new state of emergency that is uncharted territory for us all. We've got four weeks to lockdown and deal to this terrible virus that is wreaking such havoc through the world. So how is your next month going to look? A month of overindulgence and binge-watching Netflix may sound appealing to some but the resulting effect on your health when we're back to our normal routines may take a long time to bounce back. So let's plan this out! What are the priorities for your physical...


Stay healthy while exercising

15 November 2019 | Marcus Daws | Health Check, Health tips, Injury Prevention, Osteopathy

As the weather is becoming warmer, it is the time of the year that people begin to head outside and exercise. This is great because regular exercise is important for our health and well-being. However, sometimes exercise can do us more harm than good if we are not careful about what and how much exercise we are doing. Below are some simple tips that will help you stay healthy and injury free while exercising this summer. First and foremost,ensure that you are warming up properly. It is never a good idea...


Stepping up to the Ultra

1 June 2019 | Marcus Daws | Running

Here at the DO clinic, we see a lot of runners, from those who are just getting into their first few steps and looking for that first race or event, right up to well-established ultrarunning stars who compete around the world. Personally, I've been a runner for many years and draw on this experience to help my patients, however, having completed plenty of marathons, I had never 'gone-long.' It was time to step it up a notch and see what the ultradistance was like up close. This is my race report. In...


The benefits of Osteopathy for babies

14 August 2018 | Marcus Daws | Health tips, Mums & Bubs, Osteopathy

When I started working as an osteopath I had just finished my thesis on pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy and promised myself I wouldn't treat any pregnant women for a long time... But you know what? I missed working on such incredible bodies, so it was only a couple of months in, that I started saying 'yes', not 'to the dress' but to treating mums and bubs. I have had incredible results, so I thought I would share some of the highlights and benefits of Osteopathy for this population. A lot of parents...


Suzy's Birthday Offer

1 July 2017 | Marcus Daws | Clinic News, Massage

Even though July is the month where Suzy celebrates her birthday, she has decided to give you all a gift. Choose a Sports Massage, Deep-Tissue, Pregnancy Specific or just a nice pampering Relaxation massage and watch any tensions dissolve away. (Small print: Can be used against any one-hour massage. Not to be used in conjuction with any other offer. Suzy likes wine and chocolate. Don't ask her age, she can get mean!) Book online here


Mother's Day Massage Vouchers

6 May 2017 | Marcus Daws | Massage

We've got the perfect gift for those hard working mothers out there. One hour of ultimate rest and relaxation for the most important lady in your life. Pregnancy massage also available for soon-to-be mums. Gift vouchers come with Mother day card. Just head into the clinic to purchase today, or give us a call and we can arrange it being sent directly to you or to you mother with a message. $75 for one-hour massage, including the card and voucher   For sale until Mother's Day, Vouchers can be...


CoolXChange Wraps - now in stock

15 February 2017 | Marcus Daws | Clinic News, Injury Prevention

We have a fantastic new product on the shelves. It's great for any athletes, fitness junkies, weekend warriors and gym bunnies. Injury can strike at the worst of times and when it does you want to act fast. The RICE protocol should be your first move (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) However, you don’t always have a handing supply of ice. The CoolXChange wraps offer instant cooling alongside compression for a rapid response to injury management to reduce pain and inflammation. There’s no need for...


Summer Health Check

1 December 2016 | Marcus Daws | Back care, Health Check, Injury Prevention, Osteopathy

You always get your car serviced before it breaks down, offer your body the same courtesy. Don't let aches and pains ruin your summer fun, prevention is much better than cure so come and get a health check and learn some tricks for a happy and healthy break this summer. You'll get a... - consult with your Osteopath to discuss any concerns, undiagnosed niggles or areas of tension. - a full movement assessment - spinal health and alignment check - flexibility screening - Osteo treatment as needed - A plan...


5 Tips for a Happy and Healthy Working Life

8 August 2016 | Marcus Daws | Uncategorised

‘How’s it going? Ask anyone in the local workforce and you seem to get the same response - BUSY! Business is booming but how is your health holding up to the challenges of managing that work-life balance? Here are a few tips to support you and your body and help you stay fighting fit. Move it Your body loves to move. All too often we end up hunched over a keyboard or workstation for far too long. Muscles either tighten up or get chronically over stretched, circulation becomes sluggish and your...


The Different Styles of Osteopathy

8 May 2016 | Marcus Daws | Uncategorised

When you book to see an osteopath, do you know what to expect? Although much of modern osteopathic training is based on an increasingly standardised research-based approach to clinical evaluation and treatment, the way an osteopath approaches your condition in practice may still vary. When you present to your osteopath, the initial consultation is an information gathering session. We are looking at your posture, how you move, and your description of the condition in order to build a picture in our minds...