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5 ways to reduce neck and back pain at work

8 November 2019 | Deigna Khamal | Back care, Health Check, Health tips, Injury Prevention, Osteopathy


Neck and back pain is a common issue that affects many people at work. There are ways that we can reduce neck and back pain while at work, and here are five of them.

1: Stand up often

Sitting for prolonged periods of time is known to flare up neck and back pain. This is because it weakens the muscles in your back, making it hard to maintain good posture. To avoid this problem in the future, make sure to stand up every hour and move around. This could be as simple as going to get a drink of water, or doing a lap of the office. You could even try using standing work station.

2: Sit up straight

Maintaining good posture throughout the day is a great way to prevent chronic neck and back pain. Be aware of slouching and pushing your neck forward, especially when working on a computer. Sitting with your legs directly under your seat, rather than in front of you will also help you to maintain good posture because this position helps to take the pressure off of your back.

3:  Have your computer at eye level

Ever seen other people in your workplace with their neck pushed forward past their chest? This is called forward neck posture, and is one of the leading contributing factors of neck pain, especially as we become more and more attached to our mobile phones and other electronic devices. This is a bad habit that must be fixed and a proactive way of working on forward neck posture at work, is to have your computer at eye level. This will help you to maintain better neck posture, which will in turn help to reduce neck pain.

4: Lift properly

If your job requires heavy lifting, make sure that you are picking up these items properly. Some key points to remember are; Use your legs and tighten your core muscles by bending your knees and having your feet shoulder width apart, hold the item close to your body, and do not twist your body. If the item is too heavy make sure to ask for help, it is not worth injuring yourself because you attempted to lift something unsafely.

5: See an Osteopath

Lastly, if you are having prolonged neck and back pain, then you should come and see us at Daws Osteopathy. We will work our magic to relieve your pain and make you more comfortable at work. Appointment bookings are available online or over the phone.